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  1. TOUT ARRÊTER POUR AVANCER! Grève du secteur agraire et populaire en Colombie


  2. Prison de PICALENA le 24 AVRIL 2014


  3. Mining Showdown in Andes Over Unique Páramo Lands

    new mine permitting until environment minister Luz Helena Sarmiento issues new, more precise ... recommendation that the new páramo definition include a 400-meter (1,300-foot) “belt” or buffer that in effect ... premature to claim we would affect the water supply.” Londono also noted that a new dam and reservoir (...)

  4. Por nuestro presente y futuro de Vida Digna, espacio de Vida y espacio humanitario


  5. Humanitarian Zone, for our present and future dignified life Statement from the Residents of Buenaventura

    of our lives, our cultural existence to avoid territorial uprooting, for our new generations, present (...)

  6. Date Set for the National, Popular Agrarian Strike After Meeting with President Santos, May 1

    the President of the Republic and justified the new measures of protest. He described the deterioration (...)

  7. El Paro Nacional Agrario y Popular tiene fecha tras reunión con el presidente Santos: 1 de mayo


  8. Apuntando al Corazon

    English "Una mentira repetida mil veces se convierte en verdad" (Goebbels) En Colombia, a partir del gobierno de Álvaro Uribe Vélez, se generó una gran cantidad de propagandas militaristas que buscaban construir el imaginario del héroe en un con (...)

  9. Aiming at the Hearth- Apuntando al Corazon

    Español Heroes Do Exist in Colombia was the name of the first major military propaganda campaign rolled out during ex-president Alvaro Uribe's (2002-2010) Democratic Security Policy. The government's publicists reached for the hearts and minds o (...)

  10. Colombia: The Deadly Fight for Land