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  1. Santos vende la Empresa de Energía de Boyacá a Canadiense Brookfield


  2. Proyecto de ley de tierras: para adelante, para atrás


  3. Interview with Iván Cepeda: “In Colombia, impunity is being resolved largely by the actions of social movements”

    80 parliamentarians, have led tribunals to ministers, to generals, and I believe we can reach new (...)

  4. Vídeo: Resistiendo al despojo en Ituango-Antioquia


  5. Los habitantes de Marmato detienen la explotación a cielo abierto en su territorio


  6. Marmato municipal council prohibits open-pit mining and resettlement of historic centre

    the name “New Marmato” from all articles. 2. Keep the municipal centre in the Historic Area, including ... the resettlement of the municipal centre to El Llano at the bottom of the mountain, to be renamed “New Marmato,” (...)

  7. Cauca: Las mentiras que el gobierno manifiesta


  8. Reflexiones en el debate sobre ley de víctimas


  9. Los tratados de libre comercio venden a las multinacionales la soberanía colombiana


  10. Foreign Aid to Mining Firms: CIDA teams up with NGOs to do development work at mine sites

    the world, Ottawa has taken new steps to ease growing criticism of Canada’s extractive sector. The Harper ... that often accompany mining megaprojects. In the first phase of this new program, the World University ... Vision Canada has joined forces with Barrick Gold. This new funding approach raises some serious ethical (...)