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  1. Paramilitary presence and acts to repopulate the region continue in Curvarado

    to violate the rights of these Afro-Colombians. Despite government statements to act effectively and promptly (...)

  2. Arrest warrants for members of Jiguamiando and Curvarado communities

    Español Français Given the prosecution against human rights defenders and leaders who defend the right to truth, justice, reparation and restitution of lands, we urge human rights organizations in the United States and churches from around the world to re (...)

  3. Letter to the Canadian Embassy in Colombia

    Montreal, January 28 2009 Att. Jennifer Henderson Canadian Ambassy in Colombia Copy: James Lambert, Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean, Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Colombia: Defamation against a Canadian NGO Since 2000, forcibly (...)

  4. Threats from recent days have become actions

    in the Humanitarian Zone of Andalucia, Cano Claro. These acts of intimidation seem to be the manifestation (...)

  5. Business leader seeks hired killer, ordering assassinations of Ligia Maria Chaverra and Manuel Denis Blandon.

    of the Carmen del Darién City Council [are related], according to him, “because this act should be carried out ... Brigade, with full and exact identification of the units that act in protection of illegality; immediate (...)


    tasks for the police institutions, act to safeguard business interests and who at the same time seem ... of the paramilitary. As part of the paramilitary strategy, armed civilians have acted in the past under the names ... intervention regarding illegal acts or participation in these acts. To the Attorney General of the Nation MARIO (...)

  7. I 71- Intimidation, threats against the people of the Humanitarian Zones and from the Reservation Zone

    The warnings, intimidations, and pressure of the XVII Brigade military units and police agents, the business owners and armed civilians against the inhabitants of the Humanitarian Zone of Curvarado were frequent since mid-April when farmers returned to Cu (...)

  8. Destruction of Colombian Rainforests to Feed Automobiles