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  1. Toronto May 30, 2013: Activists question Pacific Rubiales in front of its shareholders


  2. USO Files Suit Against Pacific Rubiales For violations of the right to freedom of association


  3. ***Call Out: Activists and Independent Media*** International Mobilisation in Colombia Against Foreign Extractive Companies

    Learn more:   PASC PASC Crime d'entreprise Profiteurs canadiens (...)

  4. Mining for Profits in International Tribunals- Updated


  5. Large-scale mining in Colombia: Human rights violations past, present and future.


  6. Pacific Rubiales earns more in finance than it does in oil

    Español Français This is what can be taken away from a recent study by the Uniciencia Bucaramanga, a Colombian university, entitled 'Mining and Energy Policy: Analysis of the Case of Pacific Rubiales'. The report's author, Mario Alejandro V (...)

  7. An introduction to Canadian Investments and the conflict in Colombia

    Humanos en Colombia, SIADDHH, Programa Somos Defensores, Bogotá, 2013. 2. (...)

  8. ‘Jaguar people’s’ urgent appeal to oil company’s shareholders


  9. Pacific Rubiales: Corporate Social Responsibility?


  10. The Profiteer's Bulletin- March 2013