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  1. Conflict with the Canadian Oil Company Pacific Rubiales: Oil Workers’ Protest Camp Attacked and Oil Workers Persecuted for Strike Action

    forces. The new protests come after the Colombian government and the Canadian oil company Pacific Rubiales (...)

  2. Interview with Eberto Diaz Montes, President of FENSUAGRO (United National Federation of Peasant Farmers and Farm Workers)


  3. Video: Interview about the prison situation in Colombia


  4. Vídeo: An indigenous Nonam community is displaced from its land


  5. Public Statement regarding the failure of the Government to help the Nonam community

    Government and to look for a new space of dialogue, at the national level, to demand fulfilment of our rights (...)

  6. Development must not trump indigenous rights in the Americas


  7. Afro-Colombian Resistance in La Guajira

    are a testament to globalization's remarkable ability to seek out and penetrate new markets. For most ... in the Graduate Program in International Affairs at The New School in New York City Source: Counterpunch RECLAME (...)

  8. Conflict with the Canadian Gran Tierra: Union President Survives Assassination Attempt


  9. Repression of Workers’ Protests in Colombia


  10. What the President's cousin says on Marmato is what the government does