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  1. 168 scientists warn on the so-called “biofuels”


  2. Declaration of the Colombian National Congress of lands, territories and sovereignties

    Español Français “ Mother Earth belongs to those who take care of it, t erritories belong to the people, sovereignty is popular.”   15,0 00 delegates from campesino (small-scale farmer) organizations, and urban and rural worker organizations, from indigen (...)

  3. Colombian Workers Constantly threatened

    Office on Latin America. In Medellin, we met with the National Labor School, or ENS, to discuss ... are internationally recognized, and because of this, ENS faces constant threats and efforts to discredit them. While ... is for the Attorney General’s Office to meet with ENS and determine how to address the more than 2900 cases (...)

  4. Colombia: Mining Debate Continues as New Minister is Appointed


  5. Small-Scale Farmer Economies and Food Sovereignty: A proposal against the plunder of territories


  6. Contract Workers’ Leader at Ecopetrol in Colombia Assassinated


  7. Canada's Foreign Aid will "help" canadian mining company in the Andean Region!!!


  8. Impunity for sexual violence against women in Colombia’s armed conflict


  9. Judicialization of 6 indigenous oponents to the petroleum exploitation in Putumayo


  10. Annual report to the Human Rights Council with preliminary assessment of extractive industries operating in or near indigenous territories

    2011-hrc-annual-report-a-hrc-18-35-en.pdf (...)