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  1. Contract Workers’ Leader at Ecopetrol in Colombia Assassinated


  2. Canada's Foreign Aid will "help" canadian mining company in the Andean Region!!!


  3. Judicialization of 6 indigenous oponents to the petroleum exploitation in Putumayo


  4. Colombia: Uribe's Former Intelligence Chief Sent to Prison


  5. We returned with our dignity, to put Life and territory in harmony.

    to military operations, the new harmonization of the common space released the life energy blocked (...)

  6. COLOMBIA. VII International Mining Fair in Medellin. Deals for up to 350 million dollars, especially for goldmines. Demonstrators alert about dangers caused by the “boom”.

    industry is not new in Colombia. When the Spanish came, the indigenous people had two principal (...)

  7. Colombia: priest shot dead in mining town where canadian company lead the mining project


  8. Letter from Senator Robledo to Pacific Rubiales


  9. Colombia’s Gold Rush: The Silver Lining for Paramilitaries and Guerrillas

    multinational mining companies over small to medium scale local miners. While this new gold rush represents ... sector, it seems that paramilitary and guerrilla groups have identified new-found fuel for their fire. ... revealed a surge in death threats from the right-wing paramilitary group—the New Generation of Black (...)

  10. Colombia- Antiterrorism and Human Rights: 10 years of non-compability?

    starting with the United States and the United Kingdom immediately reacted to the attacks in New York (...)