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  1. ***Call Out: Activists and Independent Media*** International Mobilisation in Colombia Against Foreign Extractive Companies

    Learn more:   PASC PASC Crime d'entreprise Profiteurs canadiens (...)

  2. Mining for Profits in International Tribunals- Updated


  3. Large-scale mining in Colombia: Human rights violations past, present and future.


  4. Pacific Rubiales: Corporate Social Responsibility?


  5. "Piqueteros" Colombian style


  6. SINTRACARBON obliged to decree the beginning of the strike against Carbones del Cerrejon ltd

    ://ón,-obligado-a-decretar-la-hora-cero-de-la-huelga-en-carbones-del-cerrejón.html A strike (...)

  7. Who is the target of the indefinite general strike that began on February 12th at 6:00 am?


  8. Seventh day of pipeline blockade against multinational oil corporations in the Colombian region of Arauca


  9. A mining park in Santurbán?

    the stream called La Baja. Look at ( economia/local186676-en (...)

  10. Lands and Conflict: Extractive Industries in Colombia