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  1. PBS Show Profiles Conflict, Gold and BACRIMs in Colombia

    Are Living," which airs November 1 and is part of a five-part series on women and war, raises new questions about the evolution of the Colombian conflict, and the extent to which the new generation of criminal ... Negras – New Generation. One local leader is killed. A group of eight gold miners is massacred. Even (...)

  2. Against All Odds: The Deadly Struggle of Land Rights Leaders in Colombia


  3. Extracting the truth about Colombia's mining industry


  4. Monoculture tree plantations threaten land and food sovereignty


  5. 4,000 Colombian oil workers on strike after negotiations fail


  6. USW Alerts U.S. State Dept. on Elevated Threats in Colombia


  7. Regulating Colombia's Mining Industry

    Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has appointed Mauricio Cardenas as the country’s new mining and energy minister, a crucial position for Colombia’s future. As the price of coal and minerals ... but given the nature of mining in Colombia, the task is daunting. Cardenas, the new mining and energy (...)

  8. Colombia: When Humanitarian Law Is Just Rhetoric


  9. Disillussioned Members Resign from WWF Due to Its Support for Environmental Degradation in Colombia

    Fund for Nature), has publicly supported a Colombian governmental plan to build a new highway between ... of mature trees will be cut to clear land for the new highway. In addition, the road will pass through ... disappear from the Sibundoy Valley and the surrounding area if the new road is built as planned.   And we (...)

  10. Los nariñenses se miran en el Congreso de los Pueblos

    in the regional strategic planning of homogeneous areas that the new mining vocation is to achieve economic (...)