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  1. GranColombia Gold and the Death of Father José Reinel Restrepo

    billion—equivalent to 91.4 percent more than in the same period last year, according to new figures released ... in coal, gold or copper areas or places with millions of barrels of oil and gas, the sudden arrival of new ... building a new and fully equipped town a few miles away. Some in Marmato see it as a statement (...)

  2. Conflicto con la canadiense Gran Colombia Gold: Prepotencia minera ante rechazo en consulta


  3. Colombia after a year under Santos: the terror statistics

    killed by soldiers continues, in the euphemistic term “false positives" with at least 29 new ... their criminal actions together with the public police force throughout the whole country, enjoying new impunity (...)

  4. Conflict with the Canadian Oil Company Pacific Rubiales: Report from the Solidarity Caravan

    is that this new agreement was not signed by a union party to the dispute. Between 4 th and 6 th of October the CGT trade union confederation established a new trade union for permanent contracted staff employed directly ... that the protests were ongoing, raises suspicions that it was a manoeuvre carried out to overshadow this new (...)

  5. Invasión a territorios pertenecientes al Concejo Comunitario de Camelias


  6. Conflit social dans le département de Nariño avec la canadienne Gran Colombia Gold

    Español La compagnie canadienne Gran Colombia Gold, présidée par l'ex-ministre colombienne des relations internationales, Maria Consuelo Araujo, mène des activités d'exploration minière à la recherche de gisements d'or et de cuivre, dans le (...)

  7. El primer día de la Acción Humanitaria y Laboral a Puerto Gaitán es una aclaración de que la USO no ha firmado ningún acuerdo con Pacific Rubiales


  8. Comienza la hora cero para la Acción Humanitaria a Puerto Gaitán


  9. Unions reject Pacific Rubiales labor agreement: Solidarity Caravan 10-14 October

    The local community’s discontent was then compounded when the oil companies began hiring new staff, without (...)

  10. La cárcel en Colombia, un modelo entre la apertura y el aislamiento