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  1. Mandé Norte again putting Atrato communities at risk

    Español We went through the war, and anyone who experiences war never wants to do so again — so we made the decision to return to our territory after the displacements. (Confidential testimony) In the dense jungles of northern Chocó sits the region of Baj (...)

  2. National Strike starting in Colombia

    Français Since April 22nd, mobilizations continue in Colombia; this time it is the peasant, black and indigenous communities that will take the roads to oppose the government's National Development Plan (NDP). The Minga, a social camp of the indigeno (...)

  3. Blocages et mobilisations en Colombie

    English Depuis le 22 avril, les mobilisations reprennent en Colombie, cette fois les communautés paysannes, noires et autochtones prennent les routes pour s’opposer au Plan National de développement du gouvernement. Récemment la Minga des communautés auto (...)