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  1. Efforts to discredit human rights lawyers’ collective CAJAR puts them at risk of attack


  2. Statement By Tribes And Communities Affected by Mining Megaprojects in La Guajira


  3. Occupying Spaces Created by Conflict: Anthropologists, Development NGOs, Responsible Investment, and Mining

    and the Porgera Joint Venture gold mine in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. In dialogue with the mine, ... New Guinea (PNG). I argue that debates on CSR legitimize and facilitate engagement between a wide ... recognize this new reality when they speak of needing a so-called social license to operate to avoid costly (...)

  4. Neo-Paramilitary Gangs Ratchet Up Their Threat to Colombian Civil Society

    perceived as supporters or sympathizers of the guerrillas. In 1997, a new paramilitary group commonly known ... in 1965, right-wing Colombian security forces initiated new military tactics aimed at diminishing ... Forero in the New York Times article argued that paramilitaries’ motivations for demobilizing were merely (...)

  5. Video: Police violence in Colombia


  6. Colombia: The mass movement re-emerges

    and non-profit. The new law allows for a new category of university: mixed public-private universities. ... students from public universities into the new for-profit private system paid for with what used ... The new private companies are non-union and offer abominable working conditions and wages often 50% less (...)

  7. Rural Communities in Arboleda and San Lorenzo Burn Down Mazamorras Gold Mining Camp in Northern Nariño


  8. From La Violencia to the War on Terror: A re-examination of Colombia’s FARC-EP inside Bolivar’s 'Gran Colombia'

    seven new US military bases in Colombia and his tacit support for the military coup in Honduras in 2009, ... Conquest brought the hacienda to the New World, a system of colonial exploitation which divided the peoples ... and capacity to overthrow the Colombian state. Since the beginning of the new millennium, the Colombian (...)

  9. Looking for Gold in a Distant Jungle

    has also isolated Chocó, as guerrillas, paramilitary squads and shadowy new armed groups clash over ... approach with the new, as mud-splattered artisanal miners watch a huge backhoe tear through the earth. ... as the destruction of their forest intensifies?   Kike Arnal SEE THE FOTOS ON LINE Published on the New Yord Times, (...)

  10. Connecting the Dots: Colombian Army Officers and Civilian Killings