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  1. Marmato municipal council prohibits open-pit mining and resettlement of historic centre

    With implications for Canadian multinational Gran Colombia Gold's proposed open-pit mine, this communiqué from the Marmato Defence Committee and the Regional Indigenous Council of Caldas (CRIDEC) indicates that the local municipality will now prohibi (...)

  2. Feeding the Monster: Militarization and Privatized "Security" in Central America


  3. Mining in Colombia- At What Cost?


  4. Statement By Tribes And Communities Affected by Mining Megaprojects in La Guajira


  5. Against All Odds: The Deadly Struggle of Land Rights Leaders in Colombia


  6. The UN Special Rapporteur addresses the impacts of extractive industries on indigenous peoples


  7. Declaration of the Colombian National Congress of lands, territories and sovereignties

    Español Français “ Mother Earth belongs to those who take care of it, t erritories belong to the people, sovereignty is popular.”   15,0 00 delegates from campesino (small-scale farmer) organizations, and urban and rural worker organizations, from indigen (...)

  8. Annual report to the Human Rights Council with preliminary assessment of extractive industries operating in or near indigenous territories

    2011-hrc-annual-report-a-hrc-18-35-en.pdf (...)

  9. The History of the Quimbo in Colombia: Dammed or Damned?


  10. Colombia’s Gold Rush: The Silver Lining for Paramilitaries and Guerrillas