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  1. Canada-Colombia FTA removed from legislative agenda Mingas-FTA: ONG internationales Profiteurs canadiens de la guerre (...)

  2. Canadian company linked to Indigenous murders in Colombia


  3. Canadian business and state denounced by a Canadian in Brussels, due to their complicitness in murdering of Colombian Indigenous


  4. Where will you stand on the Canada-Colombia FTA

    the government of Venezuela. As a recent report in the New York Times notes, over the last 5 decades, Colombian ... will suddenly dissolve the DAS after over 5 decades of existence and replace it with a new agency. In accordance (...)

  5. Canada's Deadly Trade Deals

    a Canadian foreign policy focused on establishing "new partnerships in the Americas." Canada has ... in the Americas, spelling out a new policy battleground for the upcoming years that will undoubtedly be fought out ... corporations. However, in reality, the massive displacement happened, in the millions, but the new jobs never (...)

  6. Militarized mining tramples ancestral rights of indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities in the Chocó

    :// (...)

  7. Big gold mining interests are destroying Marmato