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  1. Judicialization of 6 indigenous oponents to the petroleum exploitation in Putumayo


  2. Conflict with the Canadian Oil Company Pacific Rubiales: Oil Workers’ Protest Camp Attacked and Oil Workers Persecuted for Strike Action

    forces. The new protests come after the Colombian government and the Canadian oil company Pacific Rubiales (...)

  3. Conflict with the Canadian Gran Tierra: Union President Survives Assassination Attempt


  4. En Puerto Gaitán las inscripciones de cédulas aumentan inusitadamente, ¿está Pacific Rubiales detrás?


  5. The Ultimate Dream of a Multinational: To Have an Army at its Service

    The fact that communities around the world protest oil exploitation for the damages it produces is nothing new. But through a grotesque misuse of power, the multinational corporation Emerald Energy has successfully dictated the overruling of a Security Council decision that led to the re-incarceration of several (...)

  6. Angela Davis en Colombia: lucha de comunidades negras y sistema carcelario


  7. Angela Davis in Colombia: Afro struggles and prison industrial complex


  8. Angela Davis en Colombia: comuneautés afro descendantes et prison