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    Español Français Curvaradó – Jiguamiandó Renewal of sowing and extraction of African Palm “We will enter El Tesoro (HZ) and El Limón (BZ) where there are many people reclaiming their land” said an ex-paramilitary. SUMMARY Threats of paramilitary incursion (...)

  2. I 75- Possible Paramilitary Intrigues, FAMILY OF ENRIQUE PETRO IN DANGER

    » armado conocido como “Piroloco”, expresó que dentro de los planes “en este momento no era posible tocar (...)

  3. I 71- Intimidation, threats against the people of the Humanitarian Zones and from the Reservation Zone

    The warnings, intimidations, and pressure of the XVII Brigade military units and police agents, the business owners and armed civilians against the inhabitants of the Humanitarian Zone of Curvarado were frequent since mid-April when farmers returned to Cu (...)

  4. Chiquita Republic United Fruit’s heir has again been linked to paramilitary abuses in Colombia.


  5. Extractives, ethnic peoples and free, prior and informed consent in Colombia


  6. VIDEO: Embera indigenous people say 'no' to the mining industry


  7. Death and Impunity Increase in Chocó


  8. Looking for Gold in a Distant Jungle


  9. VIDEO: Afrocolombians communities: Returning to our lands

    Español The Chocó has some of the richest land in Colombia. There is an abundance of water, minerals, and biodiversity. This has also meant significant potential for agricultural businesses. Since 1996, three thousand Afro-descendents and mixed race perso (...)

  10. Palm empire- state crimes in Colombia

    Français A collective documentary made in Choco in 2004 by PASC members. Palm empire- state crimes in Colombia PASC PASC Agrocarburants Chocó (...)