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  1. Nouvelles victimes de la palme africaine: Écocert parle de certification bio; la communauté, de déplacement forcée


  2. Profiting from Repression: Canadian Investment in and Trade with Colombia


  3. Declaration of the Colombian National Congress of lands, territories and sovereignties

    Español Français “ Mother Earth belongs to those who take care of it, t erritories belong to the people, sovereignty is popular.”   15,0 00 delegates from campesino (small-scale farmer) organizations, and urban and rural worker organizations, from indigen (...)

  4. Request for intervention on the law of victims and the right to peace


  5. In the Midst of Deceit: The Magdalena Medio and the World World Bank

    Español The recent publication of the book by Alfredo Molano En Medio del Magdalena Medio offers us the the opportunity to look again at various issues of political importance in Colombia: social partnership as a mechanism of conflict resolution; African (...)

  6. Fuelling Underdevelopment in Colombia


  7. Oil palm grows by the force of violence; “Colombia: agrocombustibles destruyen comunidades y biodiversidad”, Salva la Selva, (...)

  8. Stop the agrofuel craze!


  9. Palm derived agrofuels are not ecologically y sustainable