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  1. Hooded armed mens in El Guamo, Curvarado


  2. U.S. Congress Sends Letter to Colombian President on the Protection of Land Rights Activists


  3. Business leader seeks hired killer, ordering assassinations of Ligia Maria Chaverra and Manuel Denis Blandon.

    In spite of recognition of collective land ownership, deforestation, expansion of cattle ranching and palm planting and fruit extraction continue FRANCISCO SANTOS Vice President of the Republic CARLOS HOLGUN SARDI Minister of the Interior FERNANDO ARAUJO (...)

  4. Oil palm grows by the force of violence; “Colombia: agrocombustibles destruyen comunidades y biodiversidad”, Salva la Selva, (...)

  5. Violence continues against afro-colombian communities


  6. Chiquita and Death Squads

    Español Français With a $25 Million Fine, Chiquita Washes its Hands in Death Squad Case Chiquita has admitted to making payments to Colombian death squads-- but the death squads' victims won't (...)

  7. Palm derived agrofuels are not ecologically y sustainable