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  1. Colombian students take to the streets against police repression

    Thousands of students came out on to the streets of Bogota on October 10 for the National March against the violent state repression against protesters. The police and ESMAD units had earlier unleashed violence against students mobilizing against fund cut (...)

  2. Mandé Norte pone de nuevo en riesgo a las comunidades del Atrato

    English "Nosotros como vivimos la guerra, y quien vive la guerra no quiere la guerra, entonces tomamos la decisión de retornar a nuestro territorio después de los desplazamientos." (Testimonio confidencial) En medio de las espesas selvas del nor (...)

  3. Mandé Norte again putting Atrato communities at risk

    Español We went through the war, and anyone who experiences war never wants to do so again — so we made the decision to return to our territory after the displacements. (Confidential testimony) In the dense jungles of northern Chocó sits the region of Baj (...)

  4. Will Álvaro Uribe finally pay for his crimes?

    Français Today, ex-president Álvaro Uribe appeared before the Supreme Court while hundreds mobilized in support of the process against him and to demand he finally pay for his crimes. Today is a historic day in Colombia. One of the most controversial lead (...)

  5. Alvaro Uribe va-t-il enfin payer pour ses crimes?

    English Aujourd'hui, l'ex-président Álvaro Uribe a comparu devant la Cour suprême alors que des centaines de personnes se sont mobilisées pour soutenir le processus contre lui et pour exiger qu'il paie enfin pour ses crimes. Aujourd'hu (...)