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  1. Arrests of Trade Union Leaders in Colombia Continue


  2. Urgent: Armed men working for Juan Manuel Fernández de Castro fire on Pitalito community members and their delegation

    and the people accompanying them. We call urgently on the Government of Colombia to put an end to these acts (...)

  3. Criminalization and propaganda against leader of USO – META

    the Citizen Safety Act (Ley de Seguridad Ciudadana—Ley1423/ 2011), which criminalizes social mobilization, ... CARDENAS PACHON, Vice-President of USO, and calls on national and international bodies to act to end (...)

  4. Community Leader opposed to Anglo Gold Ashanti Killed, Others at Risk


  5. Leader Ligia María Chaverra fallaciously accused of being responsable for triple murder

    leaders of Curvaradó in process. We expect that the fiscally acts with respect to the rule of law to avoid (...)

  6. ONIC condemns violent repression by government forces against members of the ORIVAC and ACIVA indigenous groups


  7. Alert for the Popular, Indigenous social Minga for Life, Territory, Autonomy and Sovreiegnty

    for dialogue, interaction, creation and coordination of proposals, and in an act of brotherhood and solidarity ... in front of Congress (which is now Act 1448, 2011). None of this was easy; we were faced with multiple ... that this was an intentional strategy of the national government. As a result of these actions, and acting on the sentiment (...)

  8. October 14th social, indigenous and popular MINGA


  9. Colombia: Killing of human rights defender Ms Adelinda Gómez Gaviria


  10. Young members of the ZRC arbitrarily detained by militaries 27th brigade