Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Red de Hermandad (RedHer)

The " Caravan for the Defense of Territory" wraps up its journey in Nariño

16 September 2014

On August 27, 2014, the Caravan for the Defense of Territory in Nariño presented a preliminary report to local authorities and medias in Nariño’s capital city of Pasto.  The Caravan, comprised of over 20 Colombian and international organizations, travelled for 7 days in different small towns and villages in the south of Nariño through the municipalities of Samaniego and Tuquerres.

Government, landowners and transnationals do not want to resolve national problem

14 November 2013

In what has been referred to as the conflict’s other agenda, the Colombian government, led by Juan Manuel, Santos, has begun a bloody persecution against popular organizations using security and military groups. At the same time, in a clear collaboration with this strategy, semi-official forces are assassinating and displacing hundreds of Colombians in many areas of the country.

October 14th social, indigenous and popular MINGA

12 October 2013

The Committee for Solidarity with Political Prisoners Foundation expresses its solidarity with the MINGA SOCIAL INDIGENA Y POPULAR , and invites social movements, unions and NGO's to accompany and support this action.

On October 14th, the Indigenous peoples, communities, organizations and authorities of Colombia will begin the MINGA for society, for Indigenous peoples, for life, land and sovereignty. (General blockade of the country)

"Piqueteros" Colombian style

19 February 2013

   By Mauro Giormenti, in Columbia. The entire Department of Arauca is under a general strike against the government, the multi-national oil companies, and the repression of civil resistance to the visit by President Santos to the region.

Call on Colombian government to stop paramilitary tour of terror in Southern Bolivar

22 September 2011

"Complaints have been persistent, warning about the increased presence of paramilitaries in the majority of municipalities in the south of Bolivar.  More than forty murders, massacres, and forced displacements in the municipalities and outlying areas of Tiquisio and Montecristo, hamlets of Malena, centre Quebrada, Tagual, Pinch, Tenche and other nearby cities have been brought to the attention of the national and departmental (state) governments.