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[Interview] Verónica López: "The state consider many social leaders don't belong to organizations"

27 June 2019

23th June C.I.- López is a social leader who has been working with the Solidarity Committee for Political Prisoners -CSPP in spanish- from Antioquia for five years. She is currently enrolled in the Basque Program for the Protection of Defenders developed in Euskadi since 2011. Véronica is touring Europe in order to bring attention to the worrisome situation on the issue of Human Rights in which Colombia is immersed.


Indigenous people from Chocó, are resisting serious Human Right’s violations.

11 June 2019

6th may. Colombia reports – various indigenous communities in the Bajo Atrato gathered at Riosucio Chocó for the “ encuentro de los pueblos indigenas frinterizos del bajo Atrato y despesida Aquileíto mecheche vive” ( meeting of border indigenous communities from Bajo Atrato and farewell for Aquileíto Mecheche Vive) , in order to protest about the sistematic murder of indigenous leaders and highlight the serious human rights situation emerging in the territory.

Why is the war continuing in Colombia?

10 June 2019

One out of every two days the Colombian social organizations denounce the assassination of a militant or activist. These people are those who require the protection of the environment, the best working conditions, the simple observance of laws and their social rights. It is those people who demand that multinational companies in the extractive sector come out of their territories and be guaranteed the return of the land that they had been robbed of, as well as a guarantee of the right to political opposition.

National Strike starting in Colombia

23 April 2019

Since April 22nd, mobilizations continue in Colombia; this time it is the peasant, black and indigenous communities that will take the roads to oppose the government's National Development Plan (NDP).

The Minga, a social camp of the indigenous and peasant communities of Cauca, ended recently after 27 days of blockades reacting on the decision of President Ivan Duque to sit at the table. However, on April 9th, the president, who was only a few hundred meters from the meeting, decided to turn back leaving his "chair empty".


9 April 2019

As every year, the Red de Hermandad y Solidaridad con Colombia (REDHER) and the PASC invite you to a caravan for a few days to meet Colombian social organizations and learn about their struggles to defend the territory.

Caravans are a mechanism used by Colombian organizations to break the isolation of communities dispossessed by war and its economic interests. They are composed by a group of observers from different national and international sectors.

Interview with Palestinian activist Dana Farraj : “In the era of globalization of repression, the struggle must be globalized.”

4 April 2019

Dana Farraj is Palestinian. She studied law in her country and did a four-month internship in Colombia with Equipo Jurídico Pueblos. Dana is part of the Palestinian movement known as PULSE (Palestinian people united for freedom, solidarity, and emancipation), which in turn is a component of a youth forum called Nabd. In the formal presentation of PULSE, “the need arises for convergent initiatives and movements that fight for freedom and justice against oppression, exploitation, and discrimination around the world.

False judicial Positive in Eastern Antioquia

15 March 2019

The strategy of criminalizing protest and social leaderships reached the Eastern Antioquia. On Friday, March 8th, members of the Fiscalía’s C.T.I. arrested Ancísar de Jesús Morales in the main park of San Francisco, a municipality located in the eastern forest subregion of Antioquia.

Ancísar is a counselor in the municipality and is a member of the board of directors of the Asociación Campesina de Antioquia (ACA), an organization that in turn is part of the Movimiento Social por la Vida y la Defensa del Territorio (Movete).

CANACOL: Another Canadian Multinational in Colombia

20 February 2019

Canacol Energy Ltd. is a Canadian gas and exploration company that was founded by CEO Charle Gamba in 2008 and is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The company’s head office is located in Alberta, Canada however its extractive projects and operations are carried out in resource-rich Colombia. On their corporate website, Canacol outlines their broad mandate and highlights their commitment to corporate responsibility.1

The company claims to: