Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Urgent Actions

Arrest warrants for members of Jiguamiando and Curvarado communities

1 November 2010

Given the prosecution against human rights defenders and leaders who defend the right to truth, justice, reparation and restitution of lands, we urge human rights organizations in the United States and churches from around the world to require the United States Congress and State Department to abstain from endorsing or signing any trade agreement with Colombia, until there is a cessation of prosecution and a verification of the real, fair and effective restitution of the usurped lands.

Stalking, set-ups and attacks plotted against Justicia y Paz

28 September 2010

September 16th, 2010

In the morning of September 14th, the Comission of Justicia y Paz, an organization defending human rights, was informed that a concerted plan had been set up against them a few weeks ago. Stalking, telephone and electronic interceptions, the use of a smear campaign, a judiciary set-up and eventual attacks against life and physical integrity of members are part of the plan. This operation is settled in order to harm these human rights defenders: ABILO PEÑA, DANILO RUEDA and ALBERTO FRANCO.

Political Prisoners held at The Buen Pastor in Bogota

21 May 2010

Visitors subjected to degrading searches at “Buen Pastor” women’s prison in Bogotá The International Network in Solidarity with all Colombian Political Prisoners, INSPP supports the call for action initiated by the Political Prisoners held at The Buen Pastor Women's Prison and supported by Beyond the Walls.

CCFTA continues

23 April 2010

Unfortunately, on Monday 19th April, Liberals sided in one bloc with the Conservatives and voted in favor of the C-2 draft law on the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Colombia (CCFTA). Therefore, the draft went through the stage of second reading and is now sent back before the Standing Committee on International Trade. Obviously, PASC keeps on opposing the CCFTA. We will keep you informed on the future developments on this crucial issue, and thank everyone who has been involved in putting pressure on their MP against the agreement.


Today : Tell the MPs to vote NO to Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

20 April 2010

On Friday April, 16, a narrow majority of MPs (50 vs. 44) approved the Conservative government's undemocratic and under-handed motion to evoke closure on second reading debate of Bill C-2 (an Act to Implement the Canada Colombia Free Trade Agreement). Of the 44 MPs who opposed the Conservative motion, 24 are Liberals.

On Monday, April 19, at the end of the final day of debate on Bill C-2, Parliament will vote on approving second reading of Bill C-2. Urge the Liberal's MPs to vote NO !

Two Miners of FEDEAGROMISBOL Assassinated

15 February 2010

On February 10, Paramilitaries assassinated two miners from FEDEAGROMISBOL. The Southern Bolivar Agricultural – Mining Federation is a coalition of peasant farming and mining communities in Southern Bolivar province. CPT Colombia has accompanied FEDEAGROMISBOL since the assassination of Alejandro Uribe Chacón in 2006. These communities continue in their nonviolent struggle for the right to their land and dignity. The information below is the public denouncement of the assassination of their two members.

The organizations, signed below, publicly denounce the following event:

Letter to the Canadian Embassy in Colombia

1 February 2010

Montreal, January 28 2009

Att. Jennifer Henderson
Canadian Ambassy in Colombia

Copy : James Lambert, Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean, Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nov. 16 : Bill C-23 is back on the agenda at the House of Commons

16 November 2009

Call/send letters urging government and MPs to oppose the ratificacion of Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement currently being debated in House of Commons. Instead, demand that the Canadian government pressure Colombian authorities to put an effective end to widespread paramilitary threats against trade union and social movement activists.

ACT NOW to STOP the Canada Colombia Free Trade Agreement before the House of Commons

14 September 2009


by Amnesty International Canada

Dear friends:

Your action is needed immediately as legislation which could have a huge impact on human rights in Colombia is back before the House of Commons possibly as soon as this coming Tuesday.

We have learned that Bill C-23 to implement the Canada Colombia Free Trade Agreement is at the top of the government's legislative agenda when Parliament resumes