Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Urgent Actions

Updates : Conflict with the Canadian Oil Company Pacific Rubiales

17 October 2011

Call on Colombian government to stop paramilitary tour of terror in Southern Bolivar

22 September 2011

"Complaints have been persistent, warning about the increased presence of paramilitaries in the majority of municipalities in the south of Bolivar.  More than forty murders, massacres, and forced displacements in the municipalities and outlying areas of Tiquisio and Montecristo, hamlets of Malena, centre Quebrada, Tagual, Pinch, Tenche and other nearby cities have been brought to the attention of the national and departmental (state) governments.

May to July 2011: serious violations of trade union rights in Colombia

15 July 2011

During the period between May to July 2011,the  THE INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR TRADE UNION RIGHTS received the following reports from Colombia, including serious violations of trade union rights:

On 11 May, unionists members of the national transports’ union, branch Madrid Cundinamarca Department, were sacked by the bus transport company – SOTRAM S.A., in connection with their activism as members of the trade union.

Defender at risk after house break-in

11 May 2011

Information documenting human rights abuses was stolen from the home of Danilo Rueda, a Colombian human rights defender. He is a member of the organization Inter-Church Commission of Justice and Peace, whose members have previously received death threats.

Protect Threatened Afro-Colombian and Mestizo Communities in Curvarado and Jiguamiando

14 April 2011

April 14th 2011

This urgent action from the Latin American Working Group asks you to take action to protect the communities in resistence accompanied by PASC and Justicia y Paz.

Afro-Colombian and mestizo communities in Curvaradó and Jiguamiandó living in “Humanitarian Zones”–or areas where the peaceful civilians who declared themselves neutral in the conflict could be clearly differentiated from combatants–have come under great threat during this past week.

Paramilitary presence and acts to repopulate the region continue in Curvarado

15 December 2010

Second bad-faith invasion and occupation of collective properties, intense paramilitary presence, and steps taken to repopulate in new areas of Curvaradó collective territory.

The following is our most recent Historical Documentation and Ethical Censure to continued controlling paramilitary operations amidst Brigade Seventeen, between Brisas, Curvaradó and Ríosucio.