Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Urgent Actions

Jhonel Cárdenas, social leader in Curumaní (Cesar), was victim of an assassination attempt

14 September 2012
Jhonel Cárdenas Castrillo is a communitarian leader, and the local president of the political party Polo Democrático Alternativo (Democratic Alternative Pole). He suffered an attempt of assassination last Friday, September 7th, at 6:30 pm. He  was home when an armed individual fired at him.  Fortunately Mr. Cárdenas wasn’t hit and was able to disarm the shooter who ran out of Mr.Cardenas’s house and escaped on a motorcycle which was driven by his accomplice. 

Violence Against Women Continues in the Colombian Massif

2 August 2012

The Committee for the Integration of the Colombian Massif (CIMA) denounces -- before regional, national and international human rights organizations -- the assassination of Luz Eneida Gómez. Ms. Gómez was 35 years old and the wife of community leader Oscar Díaz. Mr. Díaz is a member of the CIMA, as well as the Committee of Coffee Producers of the La Sierra Municipality, Cauca Department (province).


Paramilitaries continue to harass residents in Sur de Bolívar

13 July 2012

The organizations listed below would like to call the following situation to the attention of national and international human rights organizations and the public. Over the past months, in the municipality of Tiquisio, in the department of Sur de Bolívar, paramilitary groups have increased their presence. This has had grave consequences for local residents.


754 Prisoners Initiate Hunger Strike in Girón Santander

8 June 2012

Prisoners incarcerated in the “Palo Gordo” prison of Girón Santander, have announced that more than 754 prisoners—including social and political prisoners—have initiated an indefinite hunger strike; meanwhile, other prisoners in the institution will continue to perform non-violent acts of civil disobedience such as refusing to wear uniforms or rejecting routine counts by prison guards. These measures are being taken to demand guarantees for the respect of the fundamental human rights of inmates.

Protect Indigenous and Afro-Descendant Communities in Northern Cauca

23 March 2012



Human rights organizations demand that the Colombian and U.S. governments take immediate action to guarantee the right to life and territory of indigenous and Afro-descendant territories of Northern Cauca.

Support of the artisan miners of Marmato

7 March 2012
From January 15-18, 2012 a Colombia Support Network delegation of Canadian and U.S. citizens visited the town of Marmato in Caldas province in Colombia.

Colombian Police Violently Remove Anti-dam Protestors

16 February 2012

ESMAD (riot police) in Huila, Colombia began the forced removal of the fisher-people, campesinos, miners, day laborers and others who have been blocking the diverting of the Magdalena River for the Quimbo Dam early Tuesday morning. The diverting of the river was being blocked by a peaceful occupation of the area known as Domingo Arias. The ESMAD used tear gas, pepper spray and brutal force to corral the people protecting the Yuma/Guacahayo/Magdalena River.

Take action to stop construction of El Quimbo Dam now!

1 February 2012


The Quimbo Hydroelectric Project is the first dam to be built in Colombia entirely by a multinational corporation, Emgesa an affiliate of Endesa-Enel, as part of the policies of creating investor confidence that have been imposed by recent administrations. This policy gives all the guarantees and support to the private corporations in detriment of the communities whose rights are violated.

Canadian Unions condemn murder of Colombia oil union leader

24 January 2012

The CUT and the USO oilworkers’ union have reported the assassination of trade union leader and community activist Mauricio A. Redondo and his wife Janeth Ordonez. The two were killed at 19.30 on January 17th in Puerto Asis. The couple leave behind 5 children.

Mr Redondo was from the settlement of Teteye, near Puerto Asis in Putumayo department in Southern Colombia. He worked in PEI, a services company for the oil sector. As a community leader he had recently had an active participation in a forum on the right to work.