Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Urgent Actions

Alert for the Popular, Indigenous social Minga for Life, Territory, Autonomy and Sovreiegnty

16 October 2013

Action alert for the protection of the popular indigenous peoples Social minga for life, territory, autonomy, and sovereignty which includes the regional indigenous council of caldas (cridec), valley regional indigenous organization in cauca (orivac) association of the valley of pacific region (indigenous councils aciva rp), regional indigenous organization of quindio (oriquin) risaralda regional indigenous council (crires) and association of indigenous embera wounaan katío chamí; tule choco department (asorewa) and regional indigenous organization of casanare (oric).

October 14th social, indigenous and popular MINGA

12 October 2013

The Committee for Solidarity with Political Prisoners Foundation expresses its solidarity with the MINGA SOCIAL INDIGENA Y POPULAR , and invites social movements, unions and NGO's to accompany and support this action.

On October 14th, the Indigenous peoples, communities, organizations and authorities of Colombia will begin the MINGA for society, for Indigenous peoples, for life, land and sovereignty. (General blockade of the country)

Colombia: Killing of human rights defender Ms Adelinda Gómez Gaviria

3 October 2013

On 30 September 2013, human rights defender and campesina leader Ms Adelinda Gómez Gaviria was killed in Almaguer, Cauca region.

Adelinda Gómez Gaviria worked with the Proceso de Mujeres Maciceñas in the Comité de Integración del Macizo Colombiano – CIMA (Macizo Women's Process for the Committee for Macizo-Colombian Integration). She played an active role in the Mining and Environmental Forum in Almaguer, which has 1,500 indigenous and farming members.

Young members of the ZRC arbitrarily detained by militaries 27th brigade

23 September 2013

Puerto Asís - Putumayo

6 young members of the peasant-reserve-zone were taken their freedom with the argument that they have to fulfill their military duty.

This morning the boys were taken to the 27th artillery battalion which is located in Santana where they were broad to the military garrison.

Cacarica : Imminent threat of forced displacement

16 September 2013

Urgent Action: government urged to halt paramilitaries

Paramilitaries are threatening to kill Afro-descendants in the Cacarica River Basin in north-western Colombia. There is an imminent threat of forced displacement.

Threats against a community leader member of USO in Puerto Gaitan (Meta)

18 July 2013

Between the 11th and the 16th of July, a delegation of 17 canadian civil society and parliament representatives carried out a mission of observation in Colombia, to evaluate the consequences of the intense oil production activities of the canadian registered Pacific Rubiales Energy(PRE) in Puerto Gaitan, in the province of Meta. The delegation attended  the Public Hearing held in Puerto Gaitan July 13th and 14th.

Mining activist and PASC partner receives death threats in Nariño, Colombia

7 June 2013

On June 6, 2013, Luzmila Ruano Gavira, human rights activist and member of the Committee for the Integration of the Colombian Massif (CIMA), received death threats for her community organizing against mining exploration projects in the Department of Nariño, Colombia. At 9:50 am, Ms. Ruano Gavira was approached by a man in downtown Pasto, the capital of Nariño, who yelled: "Ms. Luzmila, Ms. Luzmila, stop with the mining organizing because you are too pretty a woman to die."

Hooded armed mens in El Guamo, Curvarado

3 April 2013


Ground Report

This afternoon, in the community of El Guamo, inside the collective territory of Curvarado, on land that is being ocupied ilegally by the palm company Palmadó, an hooded armed group was seen. Two days ago, they were also seen in the same place.

The hooded mans left to go in direction of "No hay como Dios" community.