Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Urgent Actions

I 75 - Possible Paramilitary Intrigues, FAMILY OF ENRIQUE PETRO IN DANGER

22 September 2006

Ground report 75

Recalling that since the 8th of April 2006 the families of Curvarado, accompanied by Jusictia y Paz and PASC have been building a new Humanitarian Zone on land owned by Don Enrique Petro, member of the collective territory of Curvarado. A land which had been illegally sown with palm since the forced displacement. Recalling also that this fact is no longer in legal dispute, the Columbian government having recognized (in response to an urgent action) that this land legally and legitimately belongs to Enrique Petro.


20 September 2006


Kanonhstaton, September 7th, 2006

Good Morning from Grand River.

The sun has just peaked over the tree line and the world is looking beautiful and serene. Inside my house everyone is busy getting ready for school and work. Bus schedules are getting used to and the need of school fee's for art, drama, science, music etc. is being discussed while lunches are being prepared. That little glance outside is a gentle reminder, and helps bring about the balance inside of me, for the sometime chaos we feel in life.

I 71 - Intimidation, threats against the people of the Humanitarian Zones and from the Reservation Zone

28 June 2006

The warnings, intimidations, and pressure of the XVII Brigade military units and police agents, the business owners and armed civilians against the inhabitants of the Humanitarian Zone of Curvarado were frequent since mid-April when farmers returned to Curvarado after 10 years of forced displacement. The same tactics were carried out against those who initiated the first Reserve Zone in the village of Cetino, where African palm has been planted illegally by palm companies since 2001.