Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Urgent Actions

Incidents of monitoring and surveillance at the Bogota office of the Peoples' Congress

31 December 2020



As a social and political movement in Colombia, we have been facing a strong wave of serious accusations and judicial frame ups by the National Government that seek to delegitimize the right to defend life and territories. These actions are part of a larger trend of genocidal social practices and put the lives and integrity of social leaders at risk. They also affect the communities that the leaders and organizations represent and the political work they carry out.

Call for solidarity with the days for the life and dignity of persons deprived of their liberty

25 August 2020

Since March 2020 the situation in Colombian prisons has been worsening, firstly because of the repression of the protests of people deprived of their liberty (PPL), which cost the lives of 23 PPL in March, a fact that continues to go unpunished, and then because the INPEC brought the virus to the prisons with irresponsible transfers and actions, disrespecting security measures, thousands of sick people without access to health and victims o

Assassinat d’un leader social et travailleur minier

28 May 2020

Pour le droit à la vie digne et à la permanence sur le territoire

‘’Il y a 15 ans, à partir des processus sociaux du Sur de Bolivar, nous avons décidé de former un espace d’articulation et de coordination qui va nous permettre de lutter collectivement pour le droit à la vie digne et à la permanence sur le territoire, processus que nous avons consolidé dans le temps et renforcé avec d’autres processus comme celui du Centre et du Sud du Cesar’’

Action urgente – Assassinat d’un leader social et travailleur minier

Excessive use of force by the police and inpec against the population deprived of liberty

22 March 2020

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The 62 social organizations that sign this document demand that the government take actions to guarantee protection of the integrity and health of the population deprived of liberty in the penitentiary and prison systems. Shots and assaults have been used since 9.30 p.m on March 21, 2020 against people who are demanding effective sanitary measures which will prevent them from being infected with the virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome Sars-Cov 2 (COVID-19).


Assassination of MARCO RIVADENEIRA, Putumayo

19 March 2020

We demand that the appropriate authorities take immediate action to guarantee the security of marco 's colleagues that remain in close proximity to where the assassination took place.

Assassination of MARCO RIVADENEIRA, social and political leader in the departement of Putumayo, in Colombia, president of ASO-PUERTO ASÍS, PUTUMAYO

Litigation in Micoahumado, Sur de Bolivar

19 July 2019

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The Comunitary Citizen Process for the Life, Justice and Peace of Micoahumado, the Agricultural and mining Federation of the Sur de Bolívar (FEDEAGROMISBOL) and the Sembrar Corporation denounce the following:

    AncreToday July 15, 2019, at 2am a Police and National Army operation arrested 9 people (1 woman and 8 men)in the urban center of Micoahumado, jurisdiction of "La Plaza" in the municipality of Morales, Sur de Bolívar.